People wanting to connect and grow themselves in the company of individuals, families, and groups that are different from themselves, who may have been unsure how to begin or reticent to even make the attempt for fear on saying or doing something that may give offense, can learn to engage with greater confidence.

Educators, social service providers, and healthcare providers who are serving in communities becoming increasingly diverse by the year can build stronger relationships with those they serve and so achieve the best outcomes possible.

Corporate America can attract, develop, and retain more diverse staff with greater success, and more effectively serve their clients/consumer communitiies that are becoming increasingly diverse.

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As we seemingly become more and more divided,

the need for healing grows.  

It's colloquially called the "Color Line".  It is more truly a gash, a gaping wound through America's heart; a wound has been festering for 400 years.  And it has been impacting us all - Black, White, Native, Latinx, African, Island, and Asian.  Healing our centuries old wound is the prerequisite for successfully meeting the many challenges facing America and the world today.  People of all backgrounds have their roles to play.  As a white American successfully working in communities of color for more than 29 years, my aim is to encourage my fellow Americans to join in our efforts to heal and create a more just society.


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Meaningfully Connecting Across Diverse Cultures

Dr. Jay  can help you build a stronger community and a more sensitive, effective workforce through laying the foundation for meaningful connections among people from diverse backgrounds.